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Aerial Fitness On Yoga Swings from Omni Gym

Thinking about a new inversion yoga swing? Here is a complete Yoga swing review from purchase, installation, benefits and basic workouts to optimize your body compressing the spine and relieving muscle tension in the body. Start with basic stretches all the way to flying gymnastic style fun. Read the rest of the benefits in this personal Omni Gym’s Yoga Swing review.
You can advance your Vinyasa skills by taking your flow to the air. It’s a magical experience to complete all your flows with an extra layer of balance and core strength.

 What is a Yoga Swing?

Here are the specs on the Omni Gym Yoga Swing

The Omni Gym Deluxe is a newer style type of inversion and aerial style yoga. The yoga swing will help stretch out the nervous system relaxing tensions, anxieties and emotions of everyday life. Take a deep breath and meditate with a new Omni Swing. The extremely durable parachute fabric with last for years. It’s a soft and durable fabric to make your next aerial yoga experience a joy.

The Omni Swing yoga swings consists of 5 main components:

– Hammock style base

– 2 fully adjustable foot straps to balance legs and feet

– 2 full adjustable handles for hand grips

– 2 handles to add to adjustable hand straps

– 1 – 3 spring trapeze that balances and absorbs bouncing and jerking when transitioning positions

– daisy chain to hang Omni Gym

optional: Rock-it stand to set up in your home or transport to anywhere.

Spine Therapy Benefits of the Omni Gym

Helps with neck, back, and muscle therapy

Inversion Therapy – you can hang upside down to decompress the spine and increase blood flow to upper body just using gravity.

Lumbar-Pelvic Traction – Use the hammock to lightly stretch and rotate the hips and lower spine.

Self Treat Neck & Back Pain – Discover great workouts for the spine and skeletal muscles.

Spinal Decompression Therapy – Decompress the spine with inversion, and core stretching. Relieve pressure points and compressed discs.

Home Physical Therapy – Great for light stretching and rehabbing to increase normal blood flow to injured muscles.

Omni Gym Fitness Training
Omni Gym Fitness Training

Physcical Fitness Training on the Omni Gym

Increase core strength, flexibility, balance, and muscle precision.

Athletic Training – Get a full work out with arms, chest and abs. Great fitness training for a 15 min pre workout before you hit the weights.

Aerial Yoga – Tension and stress management, Omni Gym can help yoga poses and balance.

Flying Fitness – Do upside down sit ups and flying push ups to strength muscles.

Total Home Gym and Athletic Trainer – Use weights and balance to strengthen core.

Suspension Fitness Trainer – Use gravity, body weight, and suspension trainer for over 101 different workouts.

Pilates Trainer – Increase core strength, flexibility, balance, and muscle tone.

Omni Swing for Fun at the Beach
Omni Swing for Fun at the Beach

Fun Benefits of owning a New Yoga Swing

You can leave the Omni Gym yoga swing up for comfortable lounge

Aerial Yoga Dance & Antigravity Yoga – As you get comfortable on the Omni Gym you can make your own art form.

Love Swing – Increase your intimacy

Hammock – Lounge on the hammock and take a nap in a cocoon.

Hanging Chair – Hang one in your home office and type on your computer.

How to Set up Your New Yoga Swing

Simple Step by Step guide to Setting up the OmniGym

The Deluxe Yoga Swing will come with several different parts from the trapeze to the hanging straps.

First Steps are to gather all the metal clips and clip them on from the top. Start with installing the clips on the trapeze and pivoting hangers at the top of the swing. The two larger clips will be installed on the outside springs, while the smaller clip should be installed on the middle spring. The outside clips will hold most of the tension as the middle spring will be a back up reenforcement on the tension bar.

Once the Trapeze is put together with the 3 springs and swivel unit, you can hang the trapeze from either the Rock-It stand, or use a daisy chain to hang from a sturdy horizontal pole.

Next, simply loop the ends of hammock, handle, and foot straps in the eye of the metal clips.

When the trapeze is hanging from the pole, clip the ends of the yoga swing components to the trapeze. Then you can adjust for desired height of each yoga swing component.

Once you have put together the Omni Gym once you can take it anywhere with a daisy chain and the top metal clips to re hang the swing any where you can find a suitable place hold the swing.

There are also new door straps you can take and get a good stretch and workout wherever you travel.

Omni Gym Set Up Guide

Shop The Right Color and Set Up

There are a variety of colors and arrangements. For the full flying effect you will just need the spring trapeze, padded yoga swing, and a nice place to hang your swing. If you don’t have a place in the home to install, then they have the yoga swings stands for easy step up and mobility.