Top 5 Brand Faucet Brands and Why

Kohler, Moen, Delta, Grohe & Danze are the Top Faucet Brands

Top 5 list of faucet brands including kitchen, bathroom and showers. A quick guide to the most popular bathroom and manufactures. When shopping for the best prices, quality, selection and style it can be difficult. The is a quick guide to the best faucet brands on the market and there pros and cons. Each brand has their own collections so you can renovate everything from the kitchen to bath. Choose the best faucet brand that fits your price range and style with this helpful guide.

Kohler Industry Leader in Quality, Design & Price

Gold Medal goes to Kohler Faucets

Kohler faucets has been a recognized by the Environmental Protection agency for their achievements in water conservation. Kohler designs toilets to only use one gallon per flush, added dual flush settings, and maintained water pressure while reducing gallons per minute. Kohler has been recognized in 2008 and 2009 WaterSense manufacturing partner of the year. They continually sponsor environmental events and programs. Kohler is the fixture manufacture leader for innovative designs at a reasonable price. The Kohler Karbon faucet is a newly designed collection, specializing in moving kitchen faucets. The design allows optimal adjust-ability, easy the use, and sleek design. Kohler is the hammer that hits the head on the nail for premium faucets at a reasonable price.



Moen Faucets

Moen is a close second

Moen faucets are known for the smooth and simple engineering. The thick to thin curves and excellent quality mark them as an industry leader in faucet and accessory products. They design a mass amount of collections to fit most any style. There wide variety of finishes add class and refinement to any bathroom or kitchen. Showhouse is a higher end series with innovative design and unique styles for contemporary interiors. Moen faucets give you what your pay for; top level design with superior manufacturing.




Grohe Faucets

The Bronze goes to Grohe for German Design & Manufacturing

Grohe Faucets is one of the largest international faucet company’s in the world. This Germany based company is a tip of the iceberg for classy design and reliable faucets. Simple, crisp and ergonomic faucets will streamline all the kitchen task and function at a upper class level. German designs are always a way to upgrade the class of your home decor. Grohe is continuously refining faucets with finer operations, silent water flow, and developing electronic technology.



Delta Faucets

4 – Delta Faucets with Touch Technology

Delta faucets are know as one of the most reasonably priced faucet brands on the market. They sell a large inventory of faucets at lower prices then the competitors. Along with affordable prices, they also develop new technologies like the Touch 2 O faucet. The Delta Touch 2 O is designed to turn on and off with the touch of a hand or wrist. This is convenient when hands are messy or full of dishes. Delta supplies a full line a pull out and pull down faucets for a variety of styles. Some of the pull out spray faucets are designed with multi-flow options. Delta an innovative company for a reasonable price.



Danze Faucets

Number 5 – great design, great quality

Danze is a smaller manufacture then the big four. Which means when competition is tough, make your products better. Danze is a company that guarantee drip free faucets with over 20 different collections to choose from. They have mastered the brush nickel and polished metal finishes reflecting quality and perfection in design and manufacturing. They offer a great line of sink faucets and shower systems for the contemporary or classic style home. The Opulence collections has been one of there more popular designs.





The Sixth Faucet Award Goes to Pister

Pfister faucets, formally Price Pfister faucets are a great low price option with a great selection of finishes and designs. You can browse old victorian styles to budget wise apartment style faucets. If you need to get the job done then Pfister is your go to brand. They are a step above the budget brands, while providing decent quality faucets for the price. They have great faucet choices for under $100, putting Pfister on the brand list for best faucets for kitchen or bathroom.





Which Faucet Company to use in a New Remodel?

Here are other options to consider when looking for the best faucet brand for a remodel.

By this time you have established that you need to repair or remodel the bathroom. A new faucet is a good place to start, but what about all the other fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen? Once you find a new sink and shower faucet there are a variety of other accessories to consider. When doing a bathroom remodel consider the other accessories like the towel bars, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, and soap dispensers. Many times, but not all the time, the best faucet companies will include the bathroom accessories in their design plans. So when you see a collection name attached to a brand then you can match the faucet with all the accessories. For example, the Kohler Forte collection includes both kitchen and bathroom faucets as well as towel bars, rings, robe hooks, towel bars and even toilet levers. All of the products from the kitchen to the bathroom faucets all have the same design and finish colors. To take it one step further you can even consider replacing the door knobs with a matching style and finish.

Thanks for reading the Top 5 best faucet manufactures

Hope this guide helps in the next plumbing remodel. For the most part you get what you pay for. Kohler has the most selection of styles, they even have tub, sinks and toilets if you need a complete make over. While Delta, Moen, Grohe tend to stick to the shower and sink faucets. The best faucets have the highest quality seals and smooth operation for years to come. While Kohler and Moen are known for longevity and style. Delta is known for their great pricing. Grohe is at the top of the market for ergonomic design, and German engineering. Purchasing any of these top faucets is sure to satisfy any bathroom or kitchen plumbing project. The choice is in the design and comparability with the rest of your homes decor.

How To Choose the Best Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet?

When it comes to choosing the best faucet brand look for quality, style, finish color and fitting application

The first step to choosing the right kitchen or bathroom faucet is going to be the sink application. How many holes in the sink, and how far apart are they? This will determine what kind of faucet you will be shopping for; single hole, center set, or wide spread faucets. Then you will want to choose a style like modern, organic, classic or country. Different shapes match different bathroom and kitchen styles. Next is finish or color, brushed nickel is more contemporary and modern while the bronzes are more country and vintage. Then depending on budgets and taste you can go for quality, which the top rated faucets have quality valves to prevent leaking and build to handle repeated usage. There is a great selection of faucet brands out there, hope this guide helps you with your next purchase.

What if I don’t care about a Top Faucet Brand?

Well it is always nice to pick from the best, here are great faucet options for under $100.