Yoga Toe Socks with Non Slip Grip

Yoga Toe Socks Review and Buying Guide

What would you do with a great pair of yoga toe socks?

While these socks are best fitted for the yoga studios to keep your feet warm, non slip grip, temperature control, and maybe show off a little fun style; you can wear toe socks for a variety of activities. Like joggin without shoes, where socks with flips flops or get a grip on the hardwood floor of the Pilates or yoga studio. Yoga socks are cozy, light, and offer fun styles for a barely there shoe experience. Next time you’re trying to hold a downward dog, and you begin to slide out, consider trying your next session with yoga inspired non-slip grip socks.

This maybe your first experience with yoga toe socks so let get the break down on types, size, fits, and grips. Then of course you can dive into any color or patterns you  would like. Besides a new mat, and towel the non slip toe sock will be your best friend against slipping the in the studio, worrying about athletes feet, and taking home any germs from the studio.

Full Toe Yoga Socks with Non Slip

Full toe yoga socks have individual slots for each toe. This keeps your in-between spaces dry and comfortable, though it might take getting used to. The non slip padding ensure deep stretching and safety in the work outstudio.

full toe yoga socks

Toesox Full Toe Ankle Grips

Half Toe Yoga Socks

So the half toe yoga socks have the tips cut off to show off your new paint job, and maybe give yourself a little more grip on the floor. These are non slip socks are essential for the barre, yoga and pilates classes.

Then we have the size and style of the sock on your ankle, you can go anywhere from ankle to knee high yoga socks.

Knee High Yoga Socks

All the comfort of your standard ankle yoga sock with knee high warmth on your calves and added ankle support.

The Ankle Yoga Socks

The standard, the basic yoga toe sock. Provides protection against hot spots and hard surfaces, while providing warm toes and wicking away moisture. The knitted ankle band keeps your socks in the right position for every pose.

Barre Style Yoga Socks

Ballerina Yoga Toe Socks with Non Slip

Ballerina Yoga Toe Socks with Non Slip

Provide you with even more barefoot action yet still protect the bottoms of your feet. One ban over the ankle leaves the top of your foot open. Great for performing running jumps, balancing with toes still touching the floor. These yoga toe sock will not slip, for precise ballet performance.

Low rise Yoga Socks

The low rise socks keep the band below the ankle. There is a grip tab on the back of the sock for fitted support. So people like them better then ankle support so there ankle can feel more naked.

Other Beneficial Activities with Yoga Toe Socks

Toe Socks for “Bare Foot” Runners

You like to run bare foot? Well these yoga toe socks are useful for keeping the blisters down, padding the ground, and work great with the minimalist toe shoes.


Pilates Toe Socks

Kick off your flip flops to stay oder and dirt free with toe socks. Pilates can be an intense and precise workout, so being comfortable and hygienic in the Pilates studio is essential. The non slip grip can give you some extra leverage and grip on more advanced positions. For precise measurements you can use the aliment stripes on your socks to get the perfect alignment. This is where the pretty designs actually have function. You can use the lines for focus points on the different body lines in your stretch and work out. So, get to your reflexology lines matched up, worked out and balanced.


Why Toe Socks for Hiking?

The main reason hikers and trail runners are using toe socks is to keep blisters from forming in-between toes, superior moisture management, and added comfort for tough trail terrains.

Toe Socks with Flip Flops

You can get away with socks with flip flops with toe socks. I suppose a few times in your life it has been cold enough to wear socks, but you don’t want to wear shoes. So you try and cram your thong flip flop on with your socks on see if you can get them to stay on without completely murdering your toes. Well with toe socks you can slide right into your flip flops and head down to the store or studio check the mail.

Non Slip Yoga Socks Review

Okay so you’re into yoga and yoga in now into you. You ask yourself why I’m I having a bad day, and blame it on the fact you haven’t done yoga or gone shopping yet. Well here you can do both. There are lots of yoga accessories to fill your life with more tools to help you stretch and work out the toxins and emotions of the day. You never know when your going to need some cool grippy toe socks to make sure you get good grip on the floor. You can protect your pretty precise little feet from a sweaty floor. There are  lots of benefits to using the yoga toe socks, whether you need some extra grip on the wood floor, or to keeping your toes warm and protected.

yoga toe socks non slip grip

Buy Yoga Toe Socks with Non Slip Grip

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Breath in the force, focus on balance and get a grip with a strong foundation.

Browse new Non Slip yoga socks to minimize slip and maximize potential in the studio or outside in the grass.