Zen Up with A Buddha Board

Live in the Moment with a Buddha Board

Need to relax, need a new creative spark; is your sand scraper getting lame? The New Buddha Board is a great little tool to realign your zen. With the Buddha Board in hand you can work on your brush strokes, clear your mind, give yourself a distraction, and take a short little sketch break to get into your creative zen zones. The Buddha board is a great tool for the office to give your eyes and mind a break from the computer screen. Many people have little stress relieving exercises to in the office, but this is a great clean way to take a relaxing break at work. With just a little water, a paint brush, and the Magic paper, out pops an elegant black painterly stroke. The painting will last until the water evaporates leaving you with another blank canvas. “Live in the Moment” with a Buddha Board, which will release concerns, memories, plans, and emotions from over cycling in your mind that could be distracting you from your focus. Create different designs that lasts as long as the paper is wet. There is no clean up, no trash, just a simple Etch A Sketch style art form. This is a great gift for and artists, therapist, office mate, or yogi. Check out the product option, view the videos below, and read the Buddha Board review  for purchase options.

The Buddha Board is also a great warm up tool for the painter to get the hand, wrists and eyes working together before you hit the canvas. The watercolor style pallet is very similar to the painting watercolors on rice paper.

Buddha Board Original

The original sized Buddha Board is 12” x 9.5” and fits well in any office space, or a great warm up tool for the studio. The Original Buddha Board comes with a stand which also serves as a water reserve, special paper, and one brush.

Original Buddha Board SetShop Now – $35.00

Buddha Board Mini

The Buddha Board Mini is great for a small office zen break. It has some of the same qualities as the sand and rock graters but now you actually get in a little painting. The Mini Buddha Board is 5 inches square and comes with paint brush, water palette and stand. A perfect mini stress reliever at the office or even for long road trips.

Mini Buddha BoardShop Now – $14.00

Meet Eric Thrall from the Buddha Board

The original creator of the Buddha Board unleashes his vision and styles on the Buddha Board.

How the Original Buddha Board Works

Buddha Board App

You can even get the Buddha Board app for a quick doodles on your phone or desktop.

Live in the Moment with a new Buddha Board that is sure to get your thoughts, memories, emotions into one little temporary art piece. Let go of your thoughts and move on through visual creativity. The stresses will relieve themselves through your new watercolor artworks.