Kate Upton In Zero Gravity for Sport Illustrated Swim Edition

There’s no water for these swim suit shots, Sports Illustrated went straight to zero gravity.  Kate Upton  left to float in her natural beauty; with hair flowing, arms and legs free to float, and core light as a bubble, the Zero Gravity photoshoot was a masterpiece in the making. (Or a master piece in the commercial fashion photography world.) I suppose they didn’t quite use a Victoria Secret line of bikini line or create any fashionable background, but I’m sure they had there hands full trying to pull off balance and focus in zero gravity.

The thought of trying get everything organized, creating the environment, and balancing the cameras and lighting must have been a real challenge. When it comes to finding new ideas for photoshoots, it can be a huge creative challenge to find the next amazing idea. The Zero Gravity shoot was an excellent idea; beautiful model, swimsuit, and zero gravity; the results as you would except, amazing.  Checkout the video to see how it was all set up from photographers, to lighting, and creating the scene.

Kate Upton is a new legend in the modeling world and she has just made her mark while keeping her beauty, charm and composer as she posed in zero gravity. Last years Sports Illustrated shoot in Antarctica was a bold idea, with swim suit shots in the freezing cold, to this years anti gravity shoot going to space, or almost space. What’s next sky diving? moon shots?

This trip no muscle strain, no balancing, no gravity effects on the skin, Kate Upton just floats and poses in her model poses. 

Floating in the abyss of zero gravity where the body can be free from gravity

Kate Upton’s Anti Gravity Behind the Scenes

Best Kate Upton Zero Gravity Shots

Kate Upton Zero G Photoshoot

Swimsuit 2014: Zero Gravity
Kate Upton
Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA
Credit: James Macari

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

So now you want to fly to outerspace, or at least try out Zero Gravity. Well the ride in the Zero G plane is about $5000 dollars. If you want to buy Kate Upton gold bling bling swim suit for some reason, you can purchase them at Target. All-in-All just a great photoshoot by the team at Sport Illustrated for putting some creativity in a main stream media. May next year they will hire a fashion designer for set designers and put her in a cool environment and different colored lighting. But Kate Upton is the star and she shines in Zero Gravity.

View the Kate Upton’s Entire Anti Gravity Shoot