Best Board Games to Play with Family and Friends

Best Board Games to Play with Family and Friends

If you’re looking for a new board game to play around the holidays or next family event, check out this list for the best Board Games to Play with Family. These board games will include everyone to be funny, be creative, and take the center of attention off of all the juicy gossip and drama that always seems to surface. No need to fight over politics, relationships, money, etc at a family gathering. You can go over it all with one of these highly entertaining board games.

The best activities to play with family or friends are the board games without actual boards, and keeping score is optional. Essentially you want to lay down the rules from the get go, then see you can make each other laugh with the cards you are delt. I’m sure there will always be the competitive ones that are trying to win, so you can go over the official rules for those types. Other then that this first group of board games are for the comedic, witty, funny, and entertaining group games. The battle is how hard can you make everyone else in the family laugh. Use your satire wit, funny impressions, or random jokes to lighting up the mood. You can yell out “points” like Chris Hardwick if you need to keep track. Whatever the game you play is a great way to keep busy and get everyone involved in playing fun family board games.

Cards Against Humanity is the Best Game for the Older Family and Friends

Cards Against Humanity was an instant hit. If you liked apples to apples you’ll love cards against humanity. You may have already seen a couple of social media posts about the most obnoxious word play. We give 5 shooting stars to Cards Against Humanity for being the best board game to play family and friends. Situational comedy, creative solutions, and satire will have you in bunches. Plus you can get to know people a little better with there unique responses.

Another similar one is Apples to Apples, this is a mysterious game where you can really get to know the reasoning of you family. Will the person choose the reasonable, funny, fitting, or down right stupid match. You never know because the winners are chosen by each other. What’s the best match for “beauty”? Swan, Marilyn Monroe, duck tape or aliens, you never completely know someone until you play this game.

Okay maybe those games are a little complicated. How about, put a simple card on your head and see how long it takes you to guess the answer. This is a true test to narrow down the answers to main subject. If you mix it in with a little charades it should be fun. It’s simple 21 questions game can be fun, and test your question, and deductive reasoning stills. It’s called HeadBanz.

More Mentally Challenging Board Games with the Family and Friends

Okay so you have some smarty pants in the room that are probably a little more quite, but have the brain power. These board games bring on the intelligence and strategy, while still leaving some time to catch up on the day to day life stuff.

Sequence is a fun board game that includes a slash of poker, rummy and tac-tac-toe. Line up 5 cards in a row to win. This is strategic and luck base game mashes ups favorite board games and card games.

For the math and poker fans out there, check out Rummikub. Its like gin rummy, only you use tiles with colors and numbers. A clean and organized way to play rummy while showing off your math and pattern skills.

Relax with a Card Game with the Family

There are two card games that jump out at you for family game night, a favorite is Phase 10. With a large family group you can play for hours. Go down the lists of 10 different phases starting from the easiest to hardest. Compete against others in the group to see who can phase out first. You can play with a group of 4 to 10, which is nice. The other nice card game is Uno, this has been a favorite for years, and there are a few different variations to keep things fresh. A fun game that can last a few hands or go for hours.

There are hundreds of classic board games out there, but this is the essential list to have an entertaining board game night with the family. These can be a great life saver from dull, or overly drama filled family nights. Put out a board game and have some fun like you did when you where kids. And you can even still fight so see who gets to deal, just like old times.

Hope you enjoy this list of family board games, Feel free to comment more, or check out more Reviews for new Gift Ideas.