Cheap Home Gym Equipment

How to Build a Cheap Home Gym with Essential Equipment

While going to the gym for a full workout is great for the body and mind. I find some days a little tough to make the trip down to the gym and back. So, I’ve created a cheap home gym in my spare room to get in extra workouts. I surely don’t have room for all the weights, treadmills, and a basketball court that a gym can provide, but I have found cheap gym equipment to keep around the house so I can get an efficient work out. For about the price of a few months membership at the gym you can set up a cheap gym in the garage, office, or even living room.

Cheap Home Gym Set upFirst things first, how much room do you have in your home for  a Cheap little Gym?

Find a peaceful place to store equipment and return to as a workout and yoga area. How much space you have will determine how equipment you can put in the space without turning the whole house into a sweaty fitness center. Your budget and space will determine how in-depth you can make a new home gym.

What kind of home gym environment are you trying to create?

Weight Loss, Peaceful Yoga Studio, Fitness Workout Area, Etc?

Setting up the room is the first step, clear the area of any potential hazards that might get in the way of jumping jacks, burpees or cartwheels. Put a box fan in the window to keep fresh air in and BO out, no need to create a smelly sweat box. Find motivational posters to give yourself a little reminder to workout. A nice yoga poster, dumbbell lifting poster, or nice artwork in the space should get you motivated and amp up the cardio system. And don’t forget this is your home you can listen to any music you want without the ear plugs. A nice smartphone music doc, or computer speakers will add musical motivation.



Checklist For Setting Up The Home Gym

  • Clear the Space
  • Pin Up Inspiring Posters
  • Keep Ventilated with Fans and Windows
  • Set up the Music
    *headphones now optional

Now that you have your home gym location set up your can start filling your room with equipment. We’ll start with the flooring. Weather you have carpet or hard floors; place yoga mats on the floor to save from dripping sweat, pounding weights or stomping feet. You can use a couple yoga mats or puzzle piece floor matting for a nice foam floor.

Home Gym Floor Mats

Home Gym Floor Mats

Start with Cheap and Effective Home Gym Equipment

The essentials to any home gym are the yoga mats, stability ball, resistance bans and dumbbells. The first step in any work out is stretching and getting your body ready for exertion. Therefore, yoga mat, stretcher bar and stability ball should bee efficient in helping with a limb and core stretch.

Essential Cheap Home Gym Equipment

Essential Cheap Home Gym Equipment

The Resistance bans are great for a fit workout. There are light to transport, yet still provide a great outlet for strengthening muscles. I have a set that can be hooked on the wall and even use a door for an anchor point to get unique angles.

Dumbbells are the great original weight. Purely your the dumbbell and gravity all working out together. Adjustable dumbbells do not take up much space and can be enough weight to work out just about any muscle group.

Exercise bars tone arms and legs. For a nice back stretch and posture you can place the bar along your back  and lock the bar in with your elbows. Twist the back with arms locked into place to improve posture and work out back muscles.

Door Pull Up Bars, nothing like a few pull ups as you cruise from room to room. #Superset

Getting to the More Advanced Home Gym With These Items

Extra Cheap Home Gym Equipment

Extra Cheap Home Gym Equipment

Bar Weight set will help with 2 arm curls, bench press and swats.

Weight Benches let you sit or lay while working out.

Exercise Ball helps with back stretches, and even a balancing ball for arm curls and inverted ab workouts.

Medicine Ball is killer for sit ups and strengthening arms.

Then of course you have your as seen On TV Fitness Miracles

There are lots of As Seen on Tv ads for home gym equipment, some of them actually are fun and work. Most of them are cheap impressions that will end up just taking space. I have found a few that I like to use, but for the most part unnecessary. Shake weight anyone?

Perfect Push Up is a nice push up work out to keep balance and rotate your arms to maximum potential.

Perfect AB Carver is a small and efficient piece for core ab workouts.

Other Great Options for Cheap Home Gym Equipment

Jump Rope – Take it old school to get heart rate and all muscle pumping fast.

Kettle bells – To work out those muscles you’re not thinking about.

Got a Budget for Home Exercise Equipment?

Cheap Home Exercise Equipment

Cheap Exercise Equipment

The best equipment I have found for cardio is the elliptical. This is a get low impact machine for those with shaky knees. If you’re considering a exercise bike you mine as well get a actual bicycle and find a nice bike path to cruise on. As well as a treadmill your mine as well get some nice running shoes and enjoy the outdoors. Where as the elliptical get the best of both worlds for your arms and legs. 30 mins on the elliptical can give you a great cardio burn, well you are safe or entertained by your favorite TV show or movie. The row machine is a power house working out legs and arms until they burn.

Best Place Online to By Home Exercise Equipment

Diamondback Fitness Rated Best Buy

One of the best home gym pieces you can get is a Bo Flex resistance trainer. You can cover tons of muscle groups with one piece of equipment.They are lighter them most other home gyms because you don’t have to transport 250 lbs of just weights.

Creating a cheap home gym is easy, you’re only a few hundred dollars away from feeling great and having nice home gym workout options. Use this checklist to make the most of your next home gym. Another tip is to see if your local gym ever sells old equipment so you can get another used price deal.