Relax with a Shiatsu Self Massage

Shiatsu Self Massage Technique Relieves Stress Points

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A simple Shiatsu massage to various pressure points can instantly relief pain and pressure. Massage different touch points for relaxation, energy flow, strength, confidence, clarity, and relieve anxieties. Your feet, hands, and even face can build up pressure that can translate to other points in your body. Simply clearing out these tension points can have great effects on your stress levels.

The Shiatsu Self Massage chart below will give you a quick routine, you and even perform will at the office, to help you with tolerance, stress, and balance. You can start with the Shiatsu chart, for initial relief then read the Shiatsu Theory and Practice book for an in-depth look into reflexology and massage therapy.

Shiatsu Self Massage Chart Below will Relieve Stress Instantly

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Shiatsu Self Foot and Hand Massage, To Relieve Major Pressure Points

Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot MassagerThe foot sole pressure point is a major line through the body. Push with you thumbs into the center of your foot, to help relax your aching feet that can provide more blood flow and relieve tension in your lower back and shoulders.

Then stretch each toe back and forth, and pull out forward. These are the end pressure points on your toes. If one toe is less flexible then the other, then you have found a tense point, and you should focus on loosing those muscles first. You make hear some popping of the knuckles, which are gases and toxins stuck between you toes.

Core Chest and Back Shiatsu Massages

Follow the chart to stretch out core muscles in the chest, abdomen, and back. These can be high stress triggers for those that sit in the office chairs, or where a tool belt for hours. It’s important to keep blood flowing throughout your core to allow blood to flow through your body.

Use your thumbs and knuckles to relieve tension points in your back, and chest. Massage you hands like you massaged your feet.

Shiatsu Face and Head Massages

If you’re having trouble focusing, do a couple self massages on your temples, under the noes, and eyes sockets. Clear sinus pressure by rubbing your cheek bones. Relieve eye tension by massaging your inner and outer eye brow line. Then to complete the routine, open and close you eyes as hard as you can, and move your eyes in every direction. This stimulus blood flow and energy into your eyes, and should help get rid of some of the bags under your eyes.

Shiatsu Self Massage for Facial Blood Flow, Keeping Skin Looking Young

Just use your finger tips to rub and pull blood flow away from the center of your face, down to your lungs and lymph nodes.


For a complete guide on pressure points, physiology, you can read the Complete Reflexology for Life book. They break down each region of your hands and feet, and provide the exact organs and regions that your body has the most stress in.