Best Jeff Dunham’s Ventriloquist Jokes

Best Jeff Dunham Jokes With the Dummies

When it comes to dummies, Jeff Dunham is the ring leader of funny. The one, two, three punches of bantering puppets make radical twists and turns. The best Jeff Dunham jokes will crack you up, like the time you accidentally played with Barbies. Meet Jeff Dunham and best friends, Walter, Peanut, Billy Bob, Achmed and the gang as they tell crazy stories.

Jeff Dunham’s best performances are on 4 hilarious DVDs: Spark of Insanity, Arguing with Myself, Minding the Monster, and Controlled Chas. Each video is an magic show of ventriloquist jokes with the silliest puppets that ever existed.

Best Jeff Dunham Jokes

Meet Walter, I think its Jeff Dunham’s Dad

your old man advice as bold as you can put

Meet Peanut

Jeff Dunham’s favorite Super Hero Monster Nerd

Bubba J, Yep!!! the Sun Burnt Red Neck

Jeff Dunhams younger brother…? Maybe

The Best of Achmed, The Terrifying Terrorist

Achmed has a son??

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