Beginner Yoga 101, Learning to Breathe

Beginners Yoga 101: Breathe Like You Mean It

Why are yoga pants trending so hard? Well its a nice balance of working out the body and relieving stress. Work, school, play, eat, relationships, (the beeping cell phone updates on social media accounts that you thought you deleted but still, you’re getting spam email alerts to update your profile) can be a little irritating for some dumb reason.

Yeah, life can get a little busy and overall ridiculous. The great thing about a yoga workout is, its like taking a nap for your brain to clarify mental processes. You maybe even smile and be relaxed as you delete your myspace profile from 10 years ago.

*Foreshadowing for a post on Deleting Spam from your Life, you can start now if you want.

Relax and Start with Breathing Deeper

Seriously sit, relax and fill your lungs all the way with air, then slowly let it out

When was the last time, you just took in all in for a couple minutes and relaxed?
Yes there are still going to be stresses and stuff to do in life, but a simple 15 minute yoga workout can really enhance your moods, even stop a snowball day from happening. So whether you are a seasoned yoga vet, or still a beginner wondering why you bought yoga pants; check out a few beginners yoga videos to get your mentality back in line.

Step 1: Take a Deep Yoga Breath

Keeps you looking and feeling younger, Example Below…

Yoga 102: Beginners Yoga for Adults or Brunettes

 Congrats you passed elementary yoga, try a full breathing workout

So that’s why people wear yoga pants and go to yoga studios. Or these Beginner Yoga You Tube Teachers can lead some good routines as well.