Best of Funny or Die Videos Ever

Best Funny or Die Videos Ever; And a Couple New Hits too.

Vote for the best Funny or Die videos. Short clips make your day a little funnier or make you want to strangle yourself with the mediocre attempts at humor. I hope some of these actors make it to the really hollywood but I understand if they don’t.

My advice pay closer attention to the Funny or Die bar, or you will end up wasting a lot of time with hollywood college projects. Luckly I have found some of the best videos and channels on to save you some time.

The Saturday Night Live of the Internet was founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, and features tons of hollywood stars working on fun side projects.

Bitchy Funny or Die Sorority Letter with Michael Shannon

Dear Everyone, that’s not me I’m perfectttt, duuuuhhhh

The First Funny or Die Video, ‘The Landlord’

Will Ferrel better pay up

First Gay Bachelor with Modern Families with Jess Tyler

You’re suppose to give me all the Attention!

Lady Gaga’s Brother, Nick Swardson

Diva meets, Divo