Vladimir Kush’s Metaphorical Journey Through Art

Best Of Vladimir Kush’s Artworks

Vladimir Kush is one of the most inspirational surreal artists of this era. His book the Metaphorical Journey is a narrative depicting mini stories and emotions. The colors, techniques and colors are a dream like; as each artwork is a special moment, from the fire dancers to the the kissing seeds of a walnut. The characters used are simplified humans running through metaphorical feelings, jobs and situations.  Vladimir Kush is a Russian native artist, blooming the patterns of life through his artwork.

Enjoy a few pages from of Vladimir’s book “Metaphorical Journey” Below. Also view an animation film of his artworks and some of the best Vladimir Kush paintings. Each piece is poetic, mythical, and a mystery into the life’s idioms. The irony and wit of the ideas combined with the sure use of color and composition make Vladimir an inspiration. As one of the defining artist in metaphorical realism each painting is a new wonder, check them out below.

Vladimir Kush’s Animation of Metaphorical Journey

A Few Pages from “The Metaphorical Journey”

Vladimir Kush Metaphorical Journey Book

Vladimir Kush Metaphorical Journey Book

Kush Chess

Kush “The Metaphorical Journey – Chess”

Vladimir Kush "The Metaphorical Journey - Walnut of Eden"

Vladimir Kush “The Metaphorical Journey – Walnut of Eden”

Vladimir Kush’s Best Artworks Gallery

Vladimir Kush WebMaster Painting

Vladimir Kush “WebMaster”

Vladimir Kush Last Supper

Vladimir Kush “Last Supper”

Vladimir Kush Ocean Sprouts

Vladimir Kush “Ocean Sprouts”

Vladimir Kush Metaphorical Journey Painting

Vladimir Kush “Metaphorical Journey” Painting

Vladimir Kush Fiery Dance

Vladimir Kush “Fiery Dance”

Vladimir Kush Farewell Kiss

Vladimir Kush “Farewell Kiss”

Vladimir Kush Departure of Winged Ship

Vladimir Kush “Departure of Winged Ship”

Vladimir Kush Atlas of Wonder painting

Vladimir Kush “Atlas of Wonder”

Vladimir Kush Across the Mountains painting

Vladimir Kush “Across the Mountains”

Vladimir Kush Flamaco Dancer

Vladimir Kush “Flamenco Dancer”

Hope you enjoyed Vladimir Kush’s Paintings and the “Metaphorical Journey”. Click to purchase a copy of The Metaphorical Journey with over 50 paintings, poems, sketches and story’s.