Best Six Pack Shortcut Workouts

Get Cut and In Shape with Six Pack ShortCuts

Mike Chang is one of the best online fitness instructors
The ninja of online workout videos is Mike Chang from Six Pack ShortCuts. Mike is a knowledgable and motivational instructor pushing your body to the limits and getting you into shape. Enjoy the extreme cardio, gut wrenching ab workouts, and sweat dripping out of your body.

First Test is the 1 Minute Cardio Rounds That Hits all The Muscles

Ready Go:

1 Push up Burpees

1 Jump knee tuck

5 – Mountain Climbers

5 – Jumping lunges

Push yourself to build the cardio system, build up those abs and core muscle groups. Six Pack Abs has built up a You Tube Channel to focus monster muscle groups from chest, biceps, abs, and back. He even has a Six Pack Shortcuts supplement to juice up those muscles.

After you get a little cardio and your muscles are warmed up for a nice swell. Here are the best Six Pack Shortcut videos so you can build your upper body at home or in the gym.

10 Min Chest and Back Workout

Grow your chest with a home grown work out. Do 10 reps of each of these to get your cardio heart going and build muscle. Each workout can be done in 10 minutes or less giving you a great quick start to build muscle before rest of the day begins.

Do 10 reps of each of these, check out the video for the entire workout. 

Side To Side Pushups

Lay down flies with Dumbbells

Bent Arm Lateral Raises

Bent Over Lateral Arm Raises

Front Dumbbell Raises from Floor to Ceiling

DumbBell Good Mornings

Define your Abs in 6 mins With This Work Out

Bust out 3-5 rounds of these to define you abs, then you got to get rid of the belly fat to get real definition.

Reverse Crunches for Lower Abs – 20 reps

Toe Touches Upper Abs – 30 reps

Plank for 30 seconds

Grow your Biceps

Concentration Dumbbell Curls

Enough weight to do 7-8 Reps

4 sets each arm individually

Hammer Curls with both arms


This is a great upper body fitness work out to get you geared for for the ladies and keep that blood flowing throughout the muscles and body. You can check out the rest of his videos on You Tube or purchase a Six Pack Shortcuts video.

For a Complete Body Workout Checkout the Best of Six Pack ShortCuts

Here are Mike Chang’s Best 9 Workouts you can hit at the Gym from Cardio to Build Muscle, Bam

Enjoy the burn and cheers to looking and feeling better, check out the rest of the fitness section for more tips on getting in shape.