Best BroScience Tips with Dom Mazzetti, BAM!

BroScience Tips with Dom Mazzetti, Reps for Jesus

When It comes to working out at the gym, let’s face it there are some major unspoken rules. When I put my sarcastic face on, no one sums it up like Dom Mazzetti on BroScience Life. He’s got all the tips from making mega milk shakes to getting yolked like an ostrich egg; cooked by Mr. Universes’ grandma. Get your swoll and laugh on with BroScience!

What is BroScience?

The scientific fact that you get bad advice about health, lifting, and chicks. Your goal, figure out what BroScience tips #seemslegit, and what work out tips are just Bros being Bros. Yes they are big and healthy muscle doods, but they also may wear their sunglasses on their head at a night club, watch out.

Good BroScience Tips :
Decline on skull crushers
Protein shakes before and afterwork out
Jump Rope between sets to keep your heart rate up
Keep energy levels high for ultimate workout
Have a gym buddy for spotting, encouragement, and lifting

Bad BroScience:
Drink a beer before work out for carbs
Spin the weights for extra gravity
Squats are bad for your knees – don’t lift more then you can handle
Call everyone in the gym a puss*

Dom Mazzetti cracks me up with all his “BroScienceLife” tips, check out his channel on YouTube, or will post his best of the best. You can share these tips with your own Broteges with the social media links below. #doyouevenlift?